Hoop holder


Embroidery Hoop holder. This device is convenient to clip for different sizes of hoops that do not have special mounts. The basic idea is to free both hands, you can embroider with a Luneville crochet. Between the slats glued velvet, so that the hoop is better and does not move. The height of the screw allows even wide sashes to be used, and the length of the laths allows for the largest hoop. A real finding for embroiderers. Moreover, it is a perfect option for travelers. And all because this device is very compact and easily fits in an ordinary women's bag. Now you do not need to think about how and in what to store and transport this wonderful thing, it will always be with you. The aesthetics and convenience of the tool will allow you to embroider with great pleasure, very beautifully and presentably.


The length of the racks is 11.41 inches, Lath the depth 1.57 inches. Designed for different table thickness from 0 to 2.36 inch.


This is a high-quality handmade item. Made from well-dried beech wood.

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