In my childhood, I used to spend time with
my grandmother watching her knitting than
sewing. I repeated everything she did and I
did it pretty well. My life has always been
shaped by creative pursuits.
When I was 15 years old, I graduated from
Art School. From that time on, I had been
trying to find myself in art.
In the year 2014, I discovered Luneville
embroidery and it became an integral part
of my life.
My passion has turned from a hobby into
a full-time job that I do love very much.
Searching for good tools, I realized that it
was easier for me to make custom
embroidery frames. And since then we
have been making frames for my students
and embroidery lovers. You can find items
for every taste and supports for them, either
in sets or separately. We use only the highest
quality hardwood and process them to
smoothness because this is important for
our craftswomen.