Monofilament thread 10 bobbins d 0.15mm - d 0.4mm

$10 $14


Sold by a set of 10 coils brown-black. It is a durable and high-quality synthetic crystal monofilament thread (neither elastic) and ideal for a variety of purposes, embroidery with a needle and luneville crochet beads and sequins. This is a wonderful material for embroidery with transparent and elite materials.


  • 5 brown coils diameter 0.15mm (100m), 0.18mm (100m), 0.25mm (50m), 0.27mm (50m), 0.3mm (50m).
  • 1 gray coil diameter 0.27mm (50m).
  • 4 black coils diameter 0.27mm (50m), 0.3mm (50m), 0.35mm (35m), 0.4mm (25m).

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